UkraineInvest’s key achievements in 2021

UkraineInvest’s key achievements in 2021

1) UkraineInvest has facilitated attraction of 750 million US dollars in investments into Ukraine’s economy. In particular, in 10 new manufacturing facilities of companies that have started to implement investment projects in Ukraine, also in projects within logistics and energy sectors.

2) A system of “investment nannies” that provides state support and bespoke assistance for investors became operational in Ukraine. During the year, more than 2,500 expert consultations, necessary for investment projects implementation were provided. The first two applications were submitted to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine under this law, also support is being provided to another 25 projects.

3) “MAKE in UA”, a program for attracting investment in Ukraine’s manufacturing sector, has been launched in 2021. Among program partners we have analytical organizations such as Berlin Economics, Institute for Collaborative Working, and World Trade Center. Our goal is to double annual foreign direct investment in the manufacturing sector of Ukraine by 2025.

4) UkraineInvest continues active international promotion of investment opportunities in Ukraine. In 2021, we organized 7 conferences under “UkraineInvest Talks” brand gathering an audience of more than 4.5 million people through media and social networks.

5) In 2021, our institution was among the top three investment agencies among 23 Central and Eastern European countries according to the London Emerging Europe ranking.

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