Investing in Ukraine? Now is the ideal time

“The opportunity always lies in the middle of difficulty,” according to a quote by Albert Einstein.

Ukraine has long been known for its economic potential, and now it seems as though the country may be receiving another chance at becoming a breakthrough investment destination. Despite the illegal Russian war that is ultimately creating the need to rebuild Ukraine better, a number of international companies, including Kingspan, which recently made a €200m ($199m) investment announcement, have expressed interest in entering the country – but why?

There are several reasons…

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fDi Diaries: “We need to become a European manufacturing hub”

UkraineInvest Executive Director Sergiy Tsivkach spoke with fDi Intelligence about investors’ interest in Ukraine, the most promising investment opportunities, current reforms, and how Ukraine can become a European manufacturing hub.

UkraineInvest see a significant influx of companies: Supply chains are changing

The global supply chains are changing, and companies are looking for new places for their production. Ukrainennu spoke to Sergiy Tsivkach, Executive Director at UkraineInvest, about how more foreign companies choose Ukraine. 

Ukraine poised for take off

When will Ukraine’s economy reach critical mass and start the virtuous circle of profits, investment, rising wages and ballooning consumption? Of all the countries in the former socialist block, Ukraine is one of the last to begin its “catch up” growth spurt, but with a new raft of reforms and the first ever push-back against the oligarchs by the government, the take-off may be close.

UkraineInvest, the government investment promotion agency, has just had an injection of fresh blood as the Zelenskiy administration cranks the handle of the foreign investment engine. Sergiy Tsivkach recently took over as CEO of UkraineInvest and talked to bne IntelliNews on the sidelines of the German-Ukraine annual investment conference in Berlin on March 19.

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Forthcoming investment incentives for Ukraine’s IT sector

The Government of Ukraine is taking consistent steps to unlock the potential of Ukraine’s IT sector. Reforms that are being implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine are aimed at boosting IT investments.

Newly-announced amendments to Ukrainian tax, labor, corporate, IP and law enforcement legislation will incentivize IT businesses to consider Ukraine as the next destination for their investments.

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