Ukraine has 20 major airports with 12 airports offering regularly scheduled flights. In total, domestic and foreign airlines’ commercial flights in 2019 served 19 Ukrainian airports and airfields. The number of aircraft sent and arrived during the year amounted to 201.2 thousand (against 182.8 thousand in the previous year). Shipping volumes increased by 6.7 percent to 60.2 thousand tons.

Nearly 98 percent of passenger traffic and virtually all mail traffic are concentrated at 7 major airports (Boryspil, Kyiv (Zhuliany), Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro).

However, given the size and the population of the country, the air transport sector of Ukraine continues to remain underdeveloped and an opportunity for investment. Given on-going  harmonization of legislation and technical regulations with European standards, creation of a competitive market environment for both domestic and foreign carriers, and development of a regional program of reconstruction of regional airports, there are a  lot of opportunities for private sector investment and public-private partnerships.