Renewable energy

With above average wind speeds, solar irradiation and an increasing amount of agricultural waste, Ukraine’s renewables sector is poised for rapid growth. Indeed, in recent years a number of global renewables brands entered Ukraine’s market which boosted electricity production from renewable sources to 7 565 MW by half of 2021.

Solar energy

Ukraine’s above-average annual amount of solar irradiation (more than Germany, the industry leader) makes Ukraine an exceedingly attractive producer of solar energy, particularly for existing industrial facilities and the growing agribusiness sector.

From 2018 to 2020, solar power capacities have grown almost 5 times, and by 2021 exceeds 78% of all renewable energy capacities in Ukraine.


Industry experts have identified promising regions of sparsely populated southern Ukraine as ideally suited for wind power development owing to above-average annual wind speed which makes production economically viable.


Ukraine’s agricultural sector is the fastest growing industry of the economy and is expected to generate increasing amounts of agricultural and forestry waste, the key resource needed for biomass-based heat and power generation.