Over the last few years the furniture industry in Ukraine demonstrates a steady growth. Ukraine, being the geographical centre of Europe, having a large resource base combined with a free trade agreement with the EU, has all the prerequisites to become the European centre of the furniture business.

The production of furniture in Ukraine has been consistently growing over the course of the last 5 years, with CAGR from the 2016-2020 period amounting to 14%.

Ukraine has a full cycle of furniture industry – from logging to producing wood-based panels to manufacturing finished products.

Forest resources

Almost 16% of the territory of Ukraine is covered by forests. The highest concentration of forests is in the north and west of Ukraine (predominantly pine, beech, oak and spruce). Total area of forests amounts to 9.5 million ha (9th place in Europe). Ukraine’s forests are formed by more than 30 species of trees, including pine, oak, beech, spruce, birch, alder, ash, hornbeam, fir. Conifer plantations occupy 43% of the total area, in particular, pine – 35%. Hardwood plantations make 43%, in particular, oak and beech – 37%.

There is a gradual increase in forest stock, which confirms a significant economic and environmental potential of our forests. Ukraine produces about 20 million cubic meters of timber annually and is able to fully meet the needs of Ukrainian furniture manufacture.

Exports of Ukrainian furniture products from 2016 to 2020 increased approximately twice to 750 million US dollars, of which 93% were exported to Europe.

Lumber and wood-based panels

The furniture industry is a heavy consumer of wood-based panels, such as plywood, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and OSB (oriented-strand board). All of these panels are produced in Ukraine, including by such global brands as Kronospan and Swiss Krono.


The structure of Ukrainian furniture production is as follows:

  • Upholstered furniture 21%
  • Office furniture 13%
  • Kitchen furniture 10%
  • Other furniture and components 56%

Demand for high quality and comparatively cheap Ukraine’s furniture is gaining momentum in Ukraine, as well as in Europe.

For latest news on Ukraine’s furniture industry please refer to Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers

Major players

Kronospan (one of the largest manufacturers of wood sheet materials in Ukraine), Morgan Furniture (supplying products for IKEA, etc.), Swisspan, Hjort Knudsen are already successfully operating in the Ukrainian furniture market.