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About UkraineInvest

UkraineInvest is the Ukrainian government investment promotion office created in 2016 to attract foreign direct investment and assist existing investors to expand their businesses in Ukraine. From its inception as a consultative body reporting to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, UkraineInvest has transformed into a full-fledged government institution committed to providing investors with “one-stop support” consisting of reliable, current information and advice on doing business in Ukraine; identifying optimal investment opportunities; guiding investors through government agencies at all levels; and helping to resolve any systemic issues investors may face. As a result, UkraineInvest has succeeded in helping unlock nearly $4 billion of foreign direct investment.

In February 2021, UkraineInvest has been authorized by the Government to become an institution responsible for supporting the investment projects with significant investments according to the Law. 

We emphasize that Ukraine’s greatest assets are its “brains and grains”, which drive the innovation and opportunities to be discovered in Ukraine’s agri-food value chain; the growth of European and global supply-chain manufacturing clusters in the country’s fast-growing regions; and in the development of oil, gas and renewable energy resources essential to Ukraine’s energy independence.

Ukraine is open for business! As the country continues to undergo a seismic democratic and economic transformation, it is integrating ever deeper into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture.

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