International conference «Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together»

International conference «Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together»

Today, the International conference «Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together» devoted to cooperation of Ukrainian and Polish businesses in regards to rebuilding Ukraine is taking place in Warsaw. This program is aimed at fostering relations between European, Polish, and Ukrainian business circles and preparing a framework for cooperation in the future reconstruction of the Ukrainian state and economy. 

UkraineInvest Executive Director Sergiy Tsivkach participated in the plenary session «Ukraine`s needs and European Cooperation».

«I want to thank the Polish people and government for the support we have received since the beginning of the war. The main message we want to convey to investors is that the Ukrainian government cares about them and supports them. Another priority for Ukraine is the deregulation and improvement of the existing regulatory framework for investment support. We protect not only our borders but also business within them», — stated Sergiy Tsivkach. 

Sergiy Tsivkach also stressed on the need to create joint Ukrainian-Polish enterprises and jointly attract international investments.

The conference «Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together» will be attended by the government representatives of Poland and Ukraine, experts, representatives of companies from industries directly interested in cooperation, including energy, IT, transport and logistics.

The prospects for the development of the economic situation in Ukraine and its impact on the world economy will be discussed. Sessions will feature discussions on the needs and expectations of the Ukrainian side, as well as the possibilities of Polish business participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

You can watch Sergiy Tsivkach’s speech and all event here:

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