UkraineInvest address to the business community

UkraineInvest address to the business community

Over the course of the last few months Ukraine and its international partners have been witnessing accrescent Russian military movements near the borders of Ukraine. Some experts state that this may be evidence of Russia’s aggressive intentions towards Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned aligns with the long-standing pattern of Russian Federation’s policy towards Ukraine since 2014.
Taking account of heightened attention to the matter, in particular in the international media and among investment community, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was held on January 24 to address respective political, economic and other issues. Following the results of the NSDCU meeting, Ukrainian high-level officials, among which Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, stated that there are no currently feasible threats to functioning of the national economy of Ukraine, except for informational and disinformation pressure. 

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council stated that the situation is complex but fully under control, and there is no reason to panic. Ukraine has been withstanding Russian aggression since 2014.
In the official address to the nation on 25 January 2022, President of Ukraine urged Ukrainians and international community to keep calm as the Ukrainian Government, together with Ukrainian diplomats, international partners and armed forces, are doing their best to de-escalate the current tension.

We will inform you in due manner if the situation alters, though as of now UkraineInvest reconfirms the necessity to rely on the statements of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. 

Our institution is committed to supporting investment projects of businesses in Ukraine and we remain your reliable partner that provides free consultations and assists in solving issues. Furthermore, despite the current situation, UkraineInvest team noted an upsurge of interest from the international investment community in January 2022, namely, having received inquiries for new investment projects worth over 1,5 bln EUR.

We look forward to cooperating with the business community and helping businesses grow in Ukraine. 

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