Marshall Plan for Ukraine

Marshall Plan for Ukraine

Yevhenii Shakotko, Deputy Executive Director of UkraineInvest, joined online to the roundtable discussion about Ukraine’s recovery and attracting private investment.

This remarkable event was held in Paris, at the Marshall Center, where the Marshall Plan, a program for the economic recovery of Europe after World War II, was adopted.

Yevhenii Shakotko emphasized the investment incentives that the Ukrainian government can offer to international business. This applies to foreign companies that are ready to join the process of Ukraine’s recovery and start their projects.

The main support systems that can stimulate investment in Ukraine include:
– State support for investment projects, in accordance with the Law on Investments;
– system of incentives for industrial parks.

«Our country needs to be rebuilt, which means that the construction materials market will expand. There is great potential both for expanding the existing opportunities of the construction materials market and for entering new sub-sectors for foreign investors», said Yevhenii Shakotko.

The outcome of the meeting is best illustrated by a phrase from a speech by Lord Mandeville: “The reconstruction of Ukraine is the reconstruction of Europe”.

Also, among the participants of the round table were Carlos de Cordoue (CEO of Crédit Agricole), Eugene Kartavyi (First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in the French Republic), Vincent Pringault (representative of the French Treasury), Jacob Kirkegaard (representative of the German branch of the Marshall Fund), Lor Mandéville (Senior Reporter of Le Figaro) and others.

The roundtable was hosted by the John Day Foundation. This non-profit organization specializes in providing financial support and promoting the rule of law in developing countries. As well as promoting innovation in science, medicine, and the arts and providing support to people affected by natural and other disasters around the world.

We are grateful to the Jones Day team for organizing the event aimed at helping Ukraine transform its economy!

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