Maria Håkansson, CEO of Swedfund, was a speaker at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments

All international financial institutions that promote development should come together to take risks and try to insure investments. In this way, they will create links between Ukraine and private capital, helping Ukrainian companies to develop better standards, competence, potential, capacity, and capabilities. It is important not only to promote investment in Ukraine, but also to teach businesses how to work out problematic issues on their own.

This was stated by Maria Håkansson, CEO of Swedfund, at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments.

According to her, Ukraine has all the capacity to attract investors. Financial institutions that promote development consider Ukraine an interesting market and Ukrainian business to be resilient. For example, according to the EBRD, only 6% of domestic companies were forced to cease operations due to infrastructure damage.

Ukraine will insure investments against war risks. The Verkhovna Rada has adopted as a basis the draft law No. 9015, which allows the Export Credit Agency to insure against military risks the investments of Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine. The draft law provides that such insurance is carried out exclusively if the investments are directed to the creation of facilities and infrastructure necessary for the development of the processing industry and export of goods (works, services) of Ukrainian origin.

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