The CEO of UkraineInvest Sergiy Tsivkach invited Polish businesses to become more active in our country

Ukraine has requirements for the degree of localisation of production of certain categories of goods purchased through public procurement. Starting from 1 January 2023, the minimum localisation level in Ukrainian public procurement is 15%. The legislation stipulates that it will be increased by 5% annually and will eventually reach 40%.

Thus, to participate in procurement, a company must first invest in production in Ukraine.

Sergiy Tsivkach said this at the conference “Europe-Poland-Ukraine. Rebuild together’23” in Warsaw.

The CEO of UkraineInvest invited Polish businesses to become more active in our country, to study the market and invest, and to look for partners at the regional and national levels. The Polish capital once again brought together government officials, public sector representatives, and entrepreneurs. They discussed the most pressing issues of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the context of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

The Executive Director of UkraineInvest, in particular, explained to the participants:
– Which sectors are a priority for Polish investment
– Which foreign companies are already investing in Ukraine during the war
– What support Polish partners can count on from Ukraine and other international partners

The aim of the conference is to build and strengthen relations between European, Polish, and Ukrainian businesses, as well as to establish cooperation for the future post-war reconstruction of the Ukrainian state and economy. In particular, assistance in the restoration of the most affected regions, trade and economic partnership, and the establishment of business ties.

More than six hundred Polish entrepreneurs have been working in Ukraine during the war.  Over two thousand more declare their desire to work in Ukraine, develop in Ukraine, and establish business ties with Ukrainian companies.

We thank Poland for its support and solidarity with Ukraine.

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