Ukraine plans to export biomethane to the EU

Ukraine plans to export biomethane to the EU 

The development of Ukraine’s biomethane market will not only reduce dependence on the import of fossil energy resources but also open the export of biomethane to the EU, the State Energy Efficiency Agency reported. 

It is noted that the GTS Operator of Ukraine has already prepared an action plan for connecting producers to the network. Biomethane trade and export mechanisms are now being examined. 
Currently, about 30 potential biomethane producers have applied to the GTS Operator of Ukraine to obtain technical specifications for connection to the gas network. 

The EU is also actively developing this market to ensure  energy security. Biomethane production should increase more than ten times by 2030 (from 3 to 35 billion cubic meters per year in 2030). 

For reference
In March 2022, in response to the unprecedented energy price crisis, the European Commission presented REPowerEU Plan to create an affordable, secure, resilient and sustainable EU energy market and phase out EU dependence on Russian fossil fuels well before 2030. 
In particular, the REPowerEU plan provides for increased use of biomethane and  renewable hydrogen.  With the measures in the REPowerEU plan implemented, at least 155 bcm of fossil gas use can be gradually removed, which is equivalent to the volume imported from Russia in 2021. Nearly two thirds of that reduction can be achieved within a year.

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