Philip Morris invests in Ukraine since 1994

Philip Morris in Ukraine: 

– has been operating for almost 30 years;
– invested about USD 700 million in Ukraine;
– created more than 1300 jobs;
– the first tobacco company to transform its business to create a smoke-free future.

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a multinational tobacco corporation with products in more than 180 countries. While remaining one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, PMI is pioneering the transformation of its business to create a future
without cigarette smoke.  The company has been operating in the Ukrainian market for almost 30 years and remains one of the largest investors, taxpayers and employers in the country. In 2022, PMI Group companies in Ukraine paid more than UAH 25.3 billion in taxes to the budgets of various levels, and
the total amount of investments during the time of operation in Ukraine was about $700 million.

Philip Morris began operating in Ukraine in 1994 after acquiring a tobacco factory in Kharkiv. In 2003, the company began construction of a new $100 million factory in the village of Dokuchaevske, Kharkiv region, which became operational in 2006. Prior to the full-scale invasion, the new factory was an export hub for PMI products to more than 20 countries, including major markets such as Japan and Egypt.

The start of russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022 forced the company to
to suspend the operation of its factory near Kharkiv due to the ongoing hostilities in the region, but the company quickly found a way out. To ensure a steady supply of products to the Ukrainian market, Philip Morris first set up imports to Ukraine from eight factories
PMI factories in the world, and in August 2022, it started producing cigarettes under its own brands at the Imperial Tobacco factory in Kyiv.
As the security situation currently prevents the Kharkiv factory from resuming operations, the company has already announced its intention to invest in the launch of a new factory in Ukraine. “We consider it our duty to launch our own alternative production facility where we could resume production of our products in Ukraine. And secondly, because we want to send a signal of our commitment to Ukraine and that even during the war we are ready to
to invest in Ukraine,” said Massimo Andolina, President of PMI Europe.

To support Ukraine and Ukrainians during the war, Philip Morris International has allocated about $10 million for the country’s humanitarian needs. In particular, the company purchased more than 20 ambulances and an X-ray machine for the hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk and financed the purchase of a Women’s Car, a special diagnostic vehicle for medical examinations of women in the de-occupied territories. To keep Ukrainians warm and energised during the winter blackouts, the company installed Spheres of Light in three major Ukrainian cities, equipped with generators and
and communication equipment. Philip Morris has also become a donor to the Re:Ukraine project, which aims to build temporary housing for Ukrainian families in Bucha. In total, the company has already donated over UAH 12 million to the project.

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