Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest, was a speaker at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments

Develop new solutions, methods and investment mechanisms to support small and medium-sized businesses here and now.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the national economy, accounting for 90% of registered businesses in Ukraine and employing 4.6 million people. Today, an average SME needs more than USD 900,000 to maintain its operational capacity and further development in the current environment.

UkraineInvest, together with UNDP in Ukraine, has initiated a study aimed at offering a toolkit for innovative investments needed to drive Ukraine’s economic transformation. 

The study focuses on SMEs, the development of a macroeconomic overview of Ukraine, the situation of SMEs in industrial sectors, and the role of SMEs in the reconstruction and economic transformation of Ukraine.

This study will provide an overview of international financing that can be used to implement projects in Ukraine. This includes not only traditional development sectors and financial institutions, but also large corporations, family-owned companies, and investment funds that have appropriate policies in place to invest part of their investment portfolio in social change. 

With the support of UNDP and coordination with the Government of Ukraine, UkraineInvest will be able to reach this broader audience and attract capital that has not yet been mobilised in Ukraine.  

Blended or combined financing mechanisms will also be developed as part of this study – these are tools that can be used to revive and revitalise Ukrainian SMEs in the manufacturing sector. 

However, it is not enough to introduce mechanisms for investment. It is necessary to make sure that Ukrainian SMEs can operate internationally and are ready to cooperate in accordance with the best standards – to work transparently, to submit good quality business plans, to demonstrate how they will manage investments and what international investors can expect.

This was stated by Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest, at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments.

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