Сapital and commodity markets have been resumed

Сapital and commodity markets have been resumed

As of August 8, 2022, almost all restrictions on transactions on capital markets and organized commodity markets have been removed. Previous restrictions have been in effect since February 24 as a response to russia’s military aggression  against Ukraine.

“The step to unblock the capital and commodity markets is timely and balanced, because market participants have confirmed their readiness to develop the financial sector. Even before the full-scale war, we identified the renewal of the stock market as one of government priority initiatives. After our victory, the development of capital markets and commodity markets can become one of the drivers of the recovery of Ukrainian economy,” said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

National Securities and Stock Market Commission introduced restrictions on transactions on capital markets and organized commodity markets. This was done in order to resist panic actions that could collapse the markets and deprive them of the possibility of their full operation in the future, to preserve data and property rights. Subsequently, the ‘freezing’ of the markets made it possible to find assets related to the aggressors – the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, and limit the ability of such companies to conduct business in Ukraine.
During the period of martial law, the NSSMC admitted to the markets 20 issues of government bonds (as of 01.08.22) to attract funds to the budget and support the economy. At the same time, during this period, the regulator directed its actions to facilitate the activities of professional participants and support them. In particular, the procedure for identification of persons when purchasing government bonds and the procedure for their purchase for non-residents were simplified. 

Source: https://bit.ly/3CgmgiT

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