NPC Ukrenergo works on increasing electricity export to Poland

NPC Ukrenergo works on increasing electricity export  to Poland

National Power Company Ukrenergo and the Polish transmission system operator PSE S.A. began to restore the cross-border power transmission line between Ukraine and Poland. 

Currently, exports to Poland amount to 215 MW. Putting in operation of the restored interconnector Khmelnytskyi NPP – Rzeszów at the beginning of next year can increase the physical possibilities for exporting Ukrainian electricity to Poland by almost 1,000 MW.

The project to restore the cross-border power transmission line is implemented in accordance with the memorandum between the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland, which was signed in June 2022. It is supported by the governments of both countries and corresponds to the network development plans of Ukrenergo and PSE S.A.

Increasing Ukrainian electricity export is a step towards the creation of a pan-European system of energy security. Deepening cooperation with European partners is a signal that Ukrainian electricity is a good alternative to Russian gas in the European market.

The 450-kilometer 750 kW transmission line connecting Khmelnytskyi NPP (Ukraine) with 750/400 kW Widelka substation (near the city of Rzeszów, Poland) was built in 1984, when Ukraine and Poland were part of the Myr energy system. The supply of electricity by this transmission line stopped in 1992, when Poland, together with Czechoslovakia and Hungary synchronized their own electrical systems with the European energy system.
Since March 16, 2022, the Ukrainian energy system works synchronously with the European continental grid ENTSO-E and is now a part of the European energy space.
From March 30, 2022, the export of electricity from Ukraine to Poland was resumed in a limited mode (via a special line for a separate region), and in May – to Moldova.
At the beginning of June, ENTSO-E gave the green light for a step-by-step increase in electricity exports to Europe – first to Romania, and since July – to Slovakia as well.

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