Investments for veteran business: Ukrainian soldier became an advisor to UkraineInvest

Investments for veteran business: Ukrainian soldier became an advisor to UkraineInvest

The UkraineInvest team is joined by Sergiy Pozniak, a soldier with over 20 years of investment experience. He will be responsible for attracting investment into the veteran business and IDPs business as an Operations Advisor.

“UkraineInvest is a real elite unit in the fight for investment. I know it’s hard to raise money. Even in the prospects. But I’m a big fan of investing and successful projects, and I love this business to death, and that’s why I’ve been doing it my whole life — attracting business investment. Moreover, I imagine how difficult it is to attract international investment to a country at war. But meetings to the hospital with Sergiy Tsivkach convinced me that there are still fans of attracting capital to Ukraine”.

Sergiy Tsivkach and Sergiy Pozniak had the opportunity to talk in the hospital about investing in veteran projects and the importance of working on the development of veteran entrepreneurship. And, of course, about Victory, which, according to Sergiy Pozniak, is fought not only on the front, but also on the economic battlefield.

Recently, Sergiy was severely wounded while on a military mission at the front. Protecting our country, he was on the verge of life and death. But today, he is ready to work to transform Ukraine into a powerful country with a thriving economy.

“Strong in spirit, always positive, and creative in business. The most important things ahead are transforming the country, attracting investment, creating quality living and working conditions for the refugees who will return home. I am glad that it is Sergiy Pozniak who will strengthen our team as an Operational Advisor”, – emphasized Sergiy Tsivkach CEO of UkraineInvest.