Export volume of milk and condensed cream increased last month

Export volume of milk and condensed cream increased last month

Despite extremely complex logistics challenges, in May this year, total export volume of milk and condensed cream amounted to 187,000 tons, which is 44% more than in April and 7% less than in the same period last year.

The largest importers of milk in May were: Poland with 490 tons and the Netherlands with 300 tons. Regarding butter, 780 tons were also exported in May, which is 59% more than in the previous month and 8% more than last year. This dairy product was exported mainly to Moldova – 260 tons, Poland – 240 tons and the Netherlands – 120 tons. Milk prices are rising around the world.

As Ukraine and Russia are leading exporters of nitrogen fertilizers and wheat, important cattle feed, the war threatens cow feed and fertiliser supplies, which account for 70-80% of dairy farm costs.

In Ukraine, the milk processing companies continue to operate and buy milk. Currently, the demand for raw milk in each region varies depending on the number of working farms and secure logistics. In the eastern part of the country, especially in the Kharkiv region, a significant number of dairy farms were damaged, which provided 7-8% of gross milk yield from total milk production before the war. As a result, constant demand from processors for raw materials and consistently high prices in the eastern region, but the situation in northern Ukraine is completely deferent with much lower milk price.

Regarding the prices of dairy products in supermarkets, they have been changed over the last three months as follows: milk (0.9 l, 2,6%) increased in price by 7% (average price in May – UAH 35.74); butter (200 gr, 72,50%) %) increased in price by 6% (average price in May – UAH 61.60); sour cream (340 gr, 20%) %) fell in price by 3% (average price in May – UAH 38.5); cheese (1 kg, 45%) %) increased in price by 4% (average price in May – UAH 321.7).

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