UkraineInvest continues to strengthen international cooperation

UkraineInvest continues to strengthen international cooperation

UkraineInvest continues to strengthen international cooperation and spread the message out about Ukraine’s fight against Russian military aggression and measures taken to secure the national economy. 

Today, UkraineInvest Director Sergiy Tsivkach participated in an online event “Ukraine Government Update” organized by the International Trade Council. 

During his speech Sergiy Tsivkach emphasized that difficulties that Ukrainian economy currently faces
will have serious implications on other countries as Ukraine remains one of the key global food security players. Therefore, he urged the international business community to support Ukraine on the stage of recovery of the national economy and reconstruction of infrastructure as well as production facilities when the war is over. 

He also stressed that the Ukrainian Government supports business in terms of cutting taxes, supporting the relocation of production facilities to the safer regions. Ukraine Invest remains a mediator between the Government and business, tailoring its activities to fulfill the current needs of the business community. 

We expect that agribusiness, food processing, infrastructure , manufacturing of building materials, and the chemical industry to become the key industries in Ukraine and we welcome the business community to cooperate in this field.

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