Kronospan invests in Ukraine since 2004

Kronospan in Ukraine:

– has been operating for over 19 years;
– has invested over EUR 905 million;
– created more than 737 jobs;
– produces particleboard (PB), melamine-faced particleboard (MF PB), oriented-strand board (OSB) and worktops.

Kronospan is one of the largest manufacturers of wood-based materials in Ukraine – particleboard, laminated particleboard, oriented-strand board and worktops. The company’s products are in great demand in Ukraine and the EU countries. In addition, the company supplies the market with MDF boards, sanded and varnished HDF boards, glossy HDD boards, laminated floor, wall panels, windowsills, accessories and other types of products from the Kronospan group.

The company has high-tech modern equipment:

Novovolynsk: 5 PB lamination lines, 1 raw PB production line, 1 worktop production line and 1 OSB production line. 

Rivne: 2 PB lamination lines, 1 raw PB production line and 1 OSB production line (in the investment phase)

The company plans to increase production volumes and develop new types of products to meet the demand for wood-based materials in the markets of Ukraine and other countries.

Kronospan is attracting new investors to Ukraine by creating logistics hubs, a furniture cluster and cooperating with furniture manufacturers.

The history of Kronospan began in 1897 with a small family sawmill near Salzburg in the mountains of Austria. In the sixties of the last century, due to the constant introduction of innovations and the development of new materials, Kronospan became the market leader in Austria and Germany. At that time, the company already comprised several companies in these countries. The construction of the plant in England in 1970 marked the beginning of Kronospan’s investment activities around the world. Today, Kronospan is the biggest European company for the production of wood-based materials.

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