Boris Shestopalov is appointed as the Strategic Adviser in UkraineInvest

Boris Shestopalov is appointed as the Strategic Adviser in UkraineInvest

Our team congratulates Boris Shestopalov on his appointment as the Strategic Advisor of the government investment promotion office UkraineInvest on a pro-bono basis.

Boris Shestopalov has joined the UkraineInvest team as a Strategic Advisor on developing agro-processing and food production projects and creating and managing specialized industrial parks.

Mr. Shestopalov is a Ukrainian agrifood entrepreneur, ideologist of the VOLIA ecosystem, founder of the industrial and technology parks management company Uparks, and shareholder of GFSGROUP. He is also a co-owner and managing partner of HD-group and a leading expert in food strategies, food tech, and “future foods.”

Boris Shestopalov is the vice president of the Ukrainian bakers’ association, a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP), the Union “Millers of Ukraine,” and a member of the Family Business Network and CEO Club Ukraine. Also, he is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria in Zaporizhzhia.

“I believe that the UkraineInvest team plays a significant role in economic recovery, development of industries, and AgriFoodTech in Ukraine. I am confident that by working together as a team of professionals, we will transform Ukraine into a powerful global investment center,” said Boris Shestopalov.

We are sure that Mr. Shestopalov’s professionalism and expertise will strengthen our cooperation in rebuilding Ukraine.

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