How Ukraine has kept investment flowing

UkraineInvest has worked hard to keep Ukraine on the radar of foreign investors, despite the full-scale Russian invasion in February 2022 and the ongoing war.

In an article for the Emerging Europe Investment Promotion report’23, Sergiy Tsivkach told the international investment community what the Office’s team has done during this period.

“Our focus has been primarily on fulfilling key investor requirements, such as facilitating the relocation of production facilities, preserving supply chains, and providing advocacy support on vital policy issues. Government incentives, reconstruction-related investment opportunities, and our one-stop-shop support have brought positive results,” said Sergiy Tsivkach. 

The main results are in numbers:

Successful resolution of over 80 business issues, as well as the development of 23 investment policy proposals, 7 of which have been fully or partially implemented by the relevant government agencies.
UkraineInvest managed to attract more than USD 400 million in investments in 2022. We supported more than 15 Ukrainian investment projects in finding financing and facilitated the launch of more than 5 new projects by international players.

Link to the full article and report:

This year, UkraineInvest was ranked among the four best national investment agencies in the emerging Europe region.

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