This is a weekly digest of news about investment and business development in Ukraine from the UkraineInvest team

The Investment Map of Ukraine already includes 124 projects in 14 industries with a total investment potential of USD 4 bln.
The Investment Map of Ukraine project was initiated by UkraineInvest, together with the European Business Association and Global Business for Ukraine, to promote investment in Ukraine. If you are an investor and are looking for interesting potential projects for investment, we invite you to review the projects available on the map at If you have a business project that needs to attract investment, we invite you to submit it for placement.

Parliament of Ukraine approves amendments to the Law on State Support for Significant Investments (threshold decreased to EUR 12 mln).
Changes to the current law will expand opportunities for the development of not only large but also medium-sized businesses in Ukraine.

USAID is providing $2 mln in grants to increase the human resource capacity of Ukrainian businesses.
The grant program will facilitate the rapid retraining and employment of new workers in priority sectors of the economy, ensure business continuity and recovery, and further the country’s economic recovery. The initiative is being implemented jointly with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

Ukrainian medical startup Mark has raised USD 200,000 in smart investments.
The funds will be used to further accelerate product development, strengthen R&D, improve customer experience, and actively develop the partner ecosystem. The team is currently focused on developing its product in Ukraine. The strategic plans include entering two markets that are considered promising: USA and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden).

Germany has expanded state guarantees for its companies investing in Ukraine.
From now on, the government will cover conversion and transfer risks in terms of interest payments on investment loans. These are long-term loans that German companies often use – in addition to ordinary equity participation – to finance their Ukrainian subsidiaries.

The Ukrainian government has started preparing the “Ukraine Plan”, an action program to be funded by the European Commission over the next four years.
The key areas of the Plan are: macro-financial scenarios for recovery, basic requirements, a reform program, including policies on state assets and privatization, human capital, business climate and financial markets, public administration reform, strategies for the development of priority sectors of the economy, and increasing investment absorption capacity.

Zhytomyr region has attracted a Danish investor.
The Danish company Dilling is increasing its capacity in Ukraine by opening a new production facility in Zhytomyr – a joint textile enterprise with Lesya PrJSC. In the future, the company will create 600 new jobs and develop the light industry and clothing sector in the region.

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