UkraineInvest government office – about the transformation of the Ukrainian economy in 2023

UkraineInvest government office – about the transformation of the Ukrainian economy in 2023

Executive Director of UkraineInvest Sergiy Tsivkach opened an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine. He presented a vision of Ukraine’s economic transformation and announced the beginning of these processes in 2023.

The aim of the report is to focus specifically on the critical role of the private sector investment in Ukraine’s economic reconstruction, and how the private sector, both within Ukraine and internationally, can enable Ukraine to win the peace.

Key points from UkraineInvest team:
– Ukraine will undergo an economic transformation in 2023. It’s not rebuilding or restructuring, its transformation. Ukraine can’t wait for the war end; the process has to be started today. This transformation is not just about Ukraine. It’s about the European order, it’s about restoring global order.
– We must realize that the large-scale social, financial, and military assistance of Ukraine’s partners is only the beginning of our strong cooperation. The key is to rebuild Ukraine, to transform it into a strong state with a thriving economy. Ukrainians made their European choice; we choose democratic values with our defenders’ life. The transformation processes will be under close supervision not only of the President or the Government, but above all of Ukrainians, who are doing everything possible for our victory. Ukrainians will never again tolerate corruption or imperfect governance.
– All businesses that participate in the process of rebuilding our country will inevitably benefit from operating on the territory of a modern, strong and capable European state. Especially those who are starting to plan their projects now. And they’ll be ready to go first for the implementation of their projects.

Daniel Runde, Senior Vice President of CSIS, Director of project on prosperity and development considers that Ukraine’s success looks like this: GDP per capita as in Poland, agricultural potential as in Canada, manufacturing capacity of the Czech Republic, technical sector of Estonia, quality of public administration as in Bulgaria or Romania, military potential of Israel. The audience agreed that Ukraine was ready for these changes.

The Government of Ukraine, in particular UkraineInvest team, is grateful to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies for its cooperation, unconditional support and willingness to contribute to the reconstruction of our country.

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