Winner Group invests in Ukraine since 1992

Winner Group invests in Ukraine since 1992

Throughout its history in Ukraine, Winner Group has successfully expanded its portfolio of automotive brands, starting with one and currently counting seven unique brands. The dealer network, initiated with the Ford brand in 1992, has transformed into 57 dealership centers located across the country. These centers represent renowned automotive brands such as Ford, MG, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, and Bentley. Overall, since its establishment, Winner Group has sold over 152,862 vehicles as of the first quarter of 2023, which is a significant achievement for the company.

In addition to automotive distribution and retail, Winner Group engages in leasing activities and actively constructs and manages commercial real estate. Over the past 15 years, from 2006, Winner Group has invested over $90 million in infrastructure. These investments have been directed towards the construction of conceptual dealership centers, office spaces, a logistics department, and the acquisition of their own car carriers.

Winner Group has made a substantial contribution to the development of Ukraine’s economy through tax payments. The total amount of taxes paid to the Ukrainian budget in 2022 equals to UAH 1,520,144,615. Since the company’s establishment in Ukraine in 1993, the total amount of taxes paid reaches UAH 22,879,656,348.

Winner Group employees over 600 highly skilled professionals who are the driving force of the company. Even in times of war, the company managed to avoid layoffs, as people are the company’s greatest asset. Thanks to the cohesive teamwork in 2022, 2,231 vehicles were imported to Ukraine and 2,772 vehicles were sold, demonstrating the resilience of the company’s business.

Looking ahead to the coming years until 2025, Winner Group intends to further expand its dealership network in Ukraine with the addition of seven new dealership centers and renovation of 15 centers. Despite the ongoing war, in 2023, the company opened a Volvo dealership center in Lviv, which served as a reliable shelter and free hostel for internally displaced persons from the most dangerous regions of Ukraine until its official opening.

Winner Group actively engages in charitable activities, which is an integral part of the company’s DNA. Particularly during the war, the group focuses on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical professionals, and those affected by the war. The total material and financial support provided to Ukraine during this challenging time has already exceeded UAH 144 million, demonstrating the company’s dedication and support to the country in this difficult period.

Winner Group continues its operations, relying on the trust and support of its customers and employees, and serves as an example of honest, transparent, and socially responsible business in Ukraine. The company plays a vital role in the development of the Ukrainian business landscape and contributes to the construction of a strong and resilient economy.

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