Coca-Cola invests in Ukraine since 1992

Coca-Cola invests in Ukraine since 1992

In Ukraine, Coca-Cola was one of the first international companies to show interest in the local market. The company has been investing in the country’s economy since 1992. The first plant in Ukraine was opened in Lviv in 1994. And by 1998, the newly built Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine plant near the town of Brovary in the Kiev region was operating at full capacity. It produces 40 types of soft drinks: sweet carbonated soft drinks, water, juice, iced tea and energy drinks. It employs more than 1,500 people. The company accounts for 6% of Ukrainian exports in the soft drinks category. Since its establishment, the company’s foreign direct investment in Ukraine has amounted to $466 million.

After a full-scale invasion, Coca-Cola resumed beverage production in the village of Velika Dymerka in May 2022. During the occupation of the plant, which lasted more than a month, the company continued to pay employees their full salaries, including bonuses. Since the start of the war, Coca-Cola HBC has not cut jobs or restructured, and has prioritised safety and employee support. Coca-Cola HBC employees set up 11 Coca-Cola Care Centres, mainly in the central and western regions of Ukraine, to help colleagues and their families during the evacuation.

The Coca-Cola Company system has allocated more than $20 million to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by the war and to support Company employees working in Ukraine. In partnership with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, 70,000 food and beverage parcels have been delivered to communities most in need.

The Company is also supporting the recovery of local communities and providing assistance to internally displaced persons and refugees who have moved to neighbouring countries. Coca-Cola undertook to build a new kindergarten in the village of Bohdanivka, Brovary district. Currently, the Coca-Cola Company system, in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, is involved in the transfer of 54 electric generators to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, boarding schools and centres for temporarily displaced persons.

The UkraineInvest team is grateful to the management of Coca-Cola for staying in Ukraine and helping Ukrainians during the war

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