Ukraine is one of the most cost-competitive production platforms in Europe. By the cost of labor, utilities and taxes, Ukraine boldly competes with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and an increasing number of investors are locating production facilities in Ukraine.

Ukraine Competitive Advantages – Labor

*salary includes employee social security tax, personal income tax and/or other employee taxes, if any


Ukraine Competitive Advantages – Utilities

Ukraine Competitive Advantages – Taxes

Payroll Tax Rates

The cost of living in Ukraine is very affordable. Food, accommodation and services are much cheaper than most European countries, while, the quality of the services and goods remains at European levels.

Two Ukrainian cities, Kyiv and Lviv, have entered the global top 10 for cost-effectiveness in the Smart Locations of the Future survey by Financial Times publication, fDi Intelligence, assessing 115 cities globally in terms of international investment appeal and economic competitiveness.

Rank City Country
1 Skopje Macedonia
2 Sofia Bulgaria
3 Kaunas Lithuania
4 Gdansk Poland
5 Kyiv Ukraine
6 Wroclaw Poland
7 Iași Romania
8 Lviv Ukraine
9 Vilnius Lithuania
10 Hanoi Vietnam