Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is open for business! As the country continues to undergo a seismic democratic and economic transformation, it is integrating ever deeper into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture.

Ukraine is the last emerging market in Europe of significant size, providing a wide range of under-discovered opportunities. Location, talented human capital, cost-competitiveness, and availability of free trade agreements with many global markets can ensure rapid growth and a high return on investments in key sectors like information technology, agriculture, energy, manufacturing and infrastructure.


Ukraine’s geographic location, combined with 19 free trade agreements with 46 countries makes it an important transit corridor for trade and travel between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Ukraine is one of the most cost-competitive production platforms in Europe. By the cost of labor and utilities Ukraine boldly competes with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and an increasing number of investors are locating production facilities in Ukraine.

Talented Human Capital

Ukraine is a large European country with over 40 million highly educated people, 70% of whom have secondary or higher education.

The reputation of Ukraine’s workforce as highly skilled and sought after is the product of the educational system intensely focused on technical and scientific disciplines.

The country’s engineering prowess has become the key driver for the rapidly developing  Ukrainian IT industry. With over 130,000 engineering graduates annually, Ukraine is home to the largest IT engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Ukrainian education system has given its workforce one of the highest levels of English proficiency in post-Soviet countries. In addition to Ukrainian, English, and Russian, many Ukrainians speak other languages as well, reflecting Ukraine’s cultural and trade relations with its neighboring countries and beyond.

Ukraine’s youth doesn’t differ greatly from their counterparts across Europe – they are democratic, modern, hard-working, tolerant, creative and resourceful. An additional growth driver comes from the desire of Ukrainians to see their country integrated into the global economy and to engage in a dialogue with other like-minded nations. Ukrainians have a well-earned reputation for being able to do the hard work required, no matter what the job.