UkraineInvest strengthens cooperation with Finish businesses

UkraineInvest strengthens cooperation with Finish businesses

Over the years the economic, trade, and investment ties between Ukraine and Finland have been increasing. Finland is an innovation-driven country and one of the most innovative economies in the world. These days Ukraine is also striving to implement more innovative approaches in all spheres of life. Thus, there is room for much broader cooperation in the field of innovation, which bodes well for the development of broader bilateral business cooperation.  

During today’s online meeting with Finish Business Group, the executive director of UkraineInvest showcased the investment opportunities as well as regulatory updates for Finish companies operating in Ukraine. 

Energy-efficient and ecologically clean technologies have always played a key role in Finland’s economy. I am confident that Finland and Ukraine have a lot to share in these and many others. We are very interested in Finland’s experience in the field of energy efficiency, waste management, and efficient use and restoration of forests,” says Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO UkraineInvest.

We believe that the following sectors of the economy offer the most room for growth in Finnish-Ukraine economic relations: Agribusiness, IT and Energy:

✅ Renowned for its land, Ukraine is ferociously attractive to foreign investors. Recent developments and technological innovations will further transform the sector into a cutting edge state.

✅ Finland can play a vital role in the impressive evolution of Ukraine’s IT industry, helping the country to build on its enormous intellectual resources and capitalize on Ukraine’s growing AI and high-tech competitiveness.

✅ Heavily reliant on fossil fuels, Ukraine has enormous potential for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as the amount of energy used to produce each unit of GDP, or its “energyintensity” is inordinately high, currently sitting at three times the EU average. Improved efficiency will result in lower costs of production, enhance business competitiveness, stimulate new markets and jobs, generate environmental benefits, and improve national energy security.

We are looking forward to our further cooperation with the Finish Business Group and are grateful for providing an excellent platform for developing the dialogue.

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