UkraineInvest presented investment opportunities to Chinese companies

UkraineInvest presented investment opportunities to Chinese companies

Current challenging times require a proactive approach in communication with business. Hence, UkraineInvest team keeps actively promoting investment opportunities in Ukraine to the international business community. Today, during the online meeting of the Board of the Chinese-Ukrainian Business Council the executive director of UkraineInvest Sergiy Tsivkach sketched the opportunities for Chinese companies on Ukrainian market.  

We choose a pragmatic approach in our work with the business community and provide companies with only relevant and quality information. As an example, from over 600 investment projects received from all over Ukraine, our team analyzed and selected only the best 36 that were included in our UkraineInvest Guide, ” emphasized Sergiy Tsivkach.

UkraineInvest presented the most prominent sectors of Ukraine’s economy to Chinese businesses such as infrastructure, agribusiness, IT and manufacturing, showcasing the stories of Chinese businesses that have been successfully operating in Ukraine for a while. 

Ukraine and China have a long history of political dialogue and economic cooperation, as well as all the necessary prerequisites for the development of mutually beneficial relations.

Over the past five years, trade between our countries has developed at a rapid pace. In 2019, our trade volume reached $ 12.79 billion. And in 2020, China is ranked first in terms of trade volume. The Chinese market is becoming more and more open and accessible for Ukrainian agricultural and food products. As part of the One Belt – One Road Initiative and bilateral Sino-Ukrainian import-export relations, an increase in trade turnover favorably affects the investment climate in Ukraine.

UkraineInvest has a successful experience of cooperation and support of Chinese companies in Ukraine and we strive to expand interaction with Chinese business.

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