UkraineInvest presented investment opportunities for Danish business

UkraineInvest presented investment opportunities for Danish business

Kyiv, November 24. UkraineInvest team showcased the investment opportunities for Danish companies in Ukraine as well as highlighted the key developments in Ukraine’s reform agenda aimed at improving the business environment during the online meeting with the Danish Embassy Business Club and Business Executive Network.

The event brought together representatives of over 25 Danish companies operating in Ukraine in the spheres of IT, R&D, agriculture, metal processing etc. 

As Denmark remains a strategic partner of Ukraine, the UkraineInvest team is committed to providing customized “one-stop” services tailored to the specific needs of Danish investors ensuring a client-centered and results-driven engagement with existing and potential investors. UkraineInvest is continuously striving to improve the business climate and is open to dialogue with businesses on how to improve Ukraine’s investment climate.

“We not only support companies that want to enter Ukraine or take aftercare of those that are already present in Ukraine but also initiate legislative and policy proposals aimed at improving the investment climate. Thus we ask the Danish Embassy in Ukraine and Danish businesses to suggest any proposals to us that will make the business climate better in Ukraine,” emphasized Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest

UkraineInvest team presented investment opportunities, policy developments and outlook, shared target programs for the development of investment potential of Ukraine and institution’s key priorities in FDI attraction as well as presented UkraineInvest Guide and provided information on the draft law #3760.  

Also, within today’s meeting, Yevhenii Shakotko, Head of Legal Affairs and Regulatory Policy Department provided an insight into UkraineInvest’s troubleshooting assistance for foreign investors describing the types of assistance and instruments used in solving issues faced by foreign investors operating in Ukraine.

“As of November 2020, we are actively providing support to some 65 investors. Our job is to work not only on individual but also on systemic issues in order to deliver complex solutions to prevent these issues from occurring in the future. Working closely with investors’ legal teams to promote effective communication between investors and government authorities as well as to advocate in favor of introducing amendments to legislative acts, UkraineInvest helps to strengthen investors’ cases and ensure smooth resolution of respective issues,” noted Yevhenii Shakotko.

Currently, Denmark ranks 20th in terms of foreign direct investment in Ukraine – as of March 31, 2020, investments amounted to USD 223.5 million, of which USD 124.4 million received in the form of share capital and USD 99 million – in the form of debt instruments. In total, there are nearly 300 Danish companies successfully operating in Ukraine.

Thus, the huge room for mutually beneficial projects remains. In particular, such sectors as agricultural processing and animal husbandry, production, metalworking, logistic, high-tech production, R&D, energy are of particular interest to Danish companies. 

We are grateful to all our Danish partners, in particular the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine, His Excellency Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen and Danish Embassy Business Club for organizing this important event that serves as an excellent platform for enhancing further economic cooperation between both countries in the context of rising global challenges. 

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