Ukraine is among the leaders in exporting organic agri-food to the EU

Ukraine sees a growing demand for its high-quality and competitive organic agri-food, which makes the country the “food basket” and plays a vital role in ensuring food security globally. 

According to the new report on ‘EU imports of organic agri-food products: key developments in 2019’ published by the European Commission, Ukraine is the 2nd largest exporter of organic agri-food to the European Union in the world. The volumes of export increased by over 27% in 2019 compared to 2018. 

Regarding origins of products, the ten countries that exported most organic products to the EU represented 70% of imports in terms of volume in 2019, with China (13%), Ukraine (10%), Dominican Republic (10%), Ecuador (9%), Peru (7%), Turkey (7%), India (5%), Colombia (3%), Kazakhstan (3%) and Brazil (2%), reads the report. 

Ukraine mainly exports:

  • organic cereals, 76,9% of imported grains are from Ukraine; 
  • oil crops with 18,2%, Ukraine is on the 2nd place; 
  • soybeans with 13%, 4th place;
  • fruits with 11%, 3rd place.

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