The Business Week for the week of August 3-9, 2020

The Business Week for the week of August 3-9, 2020


Foreign investors are interested in investing in IT and renewables in Ukraine
Ukraine keeps being on the radar screen of foreign investors that are looking to benefit from Ukrainian market opportunities. During the meeting with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a number of foreign investors showed interest in implementing projects in Ukraine.
🏭 Particularly, representatives from Yom Capital are intended to build a 1 GW computing data center. ♻️ Norwegian NBT is willing to invest EUR 1.2 billion in the construction of a wind farm and EUR 300 million for the electrolysis-based hydrogen production facilities. Read more


The largest biofuel plant in Ukraine is commissioned

Ukraine keeps moving successfully towards sustainable energy! The first largest Ukrainian biofuel power plant  Ayaks Dnipro was commissioned in Dnipro. The plant is located near the sunflower oil production plant and will use sunflower seed husk. However, the plant can run on different types of biomass including wood chips and waste from the cultivation, transportation and processing of sunflower. The capacity of the plant is 16 MW. The project was implemented within two years and gives an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency. 

A success story of Dnipro hotel privatization

Dnipro has recently been sold on the auction for $ 41 M. The final price has gone up 13 times! The hotel will become a base for cybersport events and feature unique e-sporting elements to make Kyiv an e-sports Mecca.


🚀 Ukraine is confidently moving towards the digital transformation of the regions

Digital transformation is getting a spike over the past few months in Ukraine. This week the government approved the State Regional Development Strategy for 2021-2027. Among the key priorities of the new strategy is the digital transformation of the regions and local territories. The implementation of the document should close the gaps in the information society. In particular, it will provide access to the high-speed internet, no less than 90% of the region’s territory should have 4G by 2023; increase digital literacy rate to 55%  by 2023; and speed-up the development of public services. 


The store is very important for our business concept, especially in the Ukrainian market –Leader of IKEA in Ukraine

The world’s largest home furnishing retailer IKEA entered Ukraine with its online store this May. UkraineInvest is happy to see the home furnishing giant in Ukraine and was happy to assist IKEA in the process of entering Ukraine. Read about the company’s experience in the Ukrainian market, plans to open a city store, their aspirations and perception of Ukraine and Kyiv in particular, in the interview with Florian Mellet, the market leader of IKEA Ukraine. 

I was truly impressed by the dynamism of this city, how deep its cultural roots are. It is dynamic not only in terms of living but also in terms of retail, sales and business in general,”

admits Florian Millet.


Ukraine is becoming a key player in providing the world’s food security

Known as the “breadbasket of Europe”, Ukraine is unshakably moving towards becoming a “food basket” of the world and a major player in providing food security globally. The Ukrainian Grain Association predicts  Ukraine could harvest a record-high 100 million tonnes of grains and oilseeds in 2020/2021 MY, while the export may reach 61 million tonnes. In 2019/2020 MY Ukraine harvested over 98 million tonnes of grain and exported 62 million tonnes biting the previous year’s record. With 33% of the world’s black soil concentrated in Ukraine, a favorable climate and proximity to key markets, Ukraine is becoming an agriculture export powerhouse.

A Netflix action comedy to be shot in Ukraine

Ukraine proves to be an attractive film production destination. Netflix, a popular U.S. streaming service, will shoot its movie in Kyiv. “The Last Mercenary” is the action comedy starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The shooting will take place in Paris and Kyiv. Ukraine, in general, has become a booming location for the global filming industry, as the country’s top-notch talent and affordable prices make it an attractive alternative to Hollywood. The recent successful HBO Chornobyl mini-series was shot in Ukraine. Western giants show a great interest in the Ukrainian capital: Apple, Google, Diesel, Mazda, BMW and Lacoste shot their ads in the Ukrainian metropolis. 👉 Read more about the state support of foreign filmmakers in Ukraine

Baltic brand Bolt arrives in Dnipro

Online taxi service Bolt is increasing its footprint in Ukraine. This summer the company launched its services in Dnipro, which became the sixth city for the company in Ukraine. The company began its taxi services in Ukraine in 2016. Earlier in 2020, the Estonian transport networking startup launched its food delivery services, capitalizing on the growing demand for home delivery services. Bolt also has its R&D center in Kyiv with several dozen people working in house. Bolt is an Estonian unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion with the total investment exceeding $177 million.


Lviv approved the list of projects for public-private partnerships

Lviv became the first Ukrainian city to approve the list of the projects that can be considered for the public-private partnership! The list is not exhaustive and can be adjusted. As of now, there are 11 PPP projects that envisage the construction of new facilities as well as the modernization of the existing municipal infrastructure. Besides, the Lviv City Council signed the memorandum of cooperation with the State Agency for Public-Private Partnership Support aimed at uniting the efforts in project implementation with the focus on urban planning, transport, social, cultural, sports and other infrastructure.

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