Nibulon opens a new river transshipment terminal

Nibulon opens a new river transshipment terminal

✔️ One of the largest Ukrainian producers and exporters of agricultural products has completed the construction of the high-capacity transshipment terminal along the Dnipro river in the Dnipropetrovsk region. 

📌The company invested more than $22 million in the project. The terminal is an innovative technological facility, which creates more than one hundred working places, reads Nibulon’s press release. 

▪️ The storage capacity is 75 thousand tons of agricultural commodities at once 
▪️ The facility is able to dry 3.6 thousand tons daily and ship 12 thousand tons of grain by water 
▪️ The terminal can receive 300 thousand tons of grain annually, thereby reducing traffic load from the highways. 

📌The new river transshipment terminal opens access for the agricultural producers to the modern grain market infrastructure as well as increases their involvement in foreign trade. 
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