Lviv IT Cluster together with BotsCrew launched a chatbot for health monitoring

Lviv IT cluster and Ukrainian chatbot development company BotsCrew launched a chatbot to monitor the general health condition of Lviv and regional residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The user has to take a survey and answer questions about the symptoms such as dry cough, shortness of breath, temperature, contact with infected individuals, domestic and abroad travels during the last 14 days. 

According to the Lviv IT Cluster, the chatbot allows identifying clusters of disease outbreaks: if a large number of residents in the same area have the symptoms of high temperature and dry cough, this will give a signal to the administration to scale up COVID-19 testing in the particular area of the city.

Temperaturka is a chatbot based on the Facebook Messenger platform. The project is designed to motivate users to monitor their well-being by answering daily questions. The project allows you to control the dynamics of the health condition and temperature. In particular, the bot sends an automatic daily reminder for the user to update their indicators and share information about themselves. The chatbot is straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, based on the users’ results, an analysis of user symptoms will be conducted. This, in turn, will be an additional source of information for evaluating the epidemiological situation”

Nazar Hembara, co-founder of BotsCrew

BotsCrew is a Ukrainian company that designs and develops custom AI chatbots, with offices in Lviv and London. 

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