Investment promotion in Eurasia: a mapping of investment promotion agencies

Investment promotion in Eurasia: a mapping of  investment promotion agencies

OECD released a new report that takes stock & benchmarks regional IPAs to open perspectives for improvement. The report is focused on IPAs in the Eurasia region and highlights the agencies’ efforts in promoting their countries as investment destinations, attracting FDI and supporting foreign investors. UkraineInvest was happy to take part in the survey conducted by the OECD and share our practices.  

UkraineInvest, for example, reports that working closely with the French embassy in Kiev to solve problems raised by French-based MNEs helped reinforce the visibility of the agency abroad and ultimately contributed to the attraction of a large French industrial MNE in Ukraine. This case illustrates well how working relationships can create opportunities, although the time and resources they require is a barrier to their multiplication.

admits OECD report.

Working with investors in the country, supporting them with existing operations and trying to solve their problems, can be extremely beneficial to the policy improvement process. UkraineInvest has applied this approach, focusing on existing investors’ problems rather than trying to bring in new investors. This choice led to stronger ties with existing investors and stakeholders, and steps to address critical impediments to investment project implementation. It eventually contributed to bringing new investment projects.

noted OECD.

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