Ari Zoldan is a pro bono strategic communications advisor to UkraineInvest

Together with his colleagues from Quantum Media Group, Ari helps us create and distribute materials on successful examples of doing business and implementing investment projects in Ukraine in the context of russia’s full-scale armed aggression on international media platforms.

In addition, Ari and Quantum Media Group are responsible for

– identifying areas for maximizing the effect of strategic communications;
– facilitating the establishment of relations with international partners;
– cooperation with US PR agencies to promote Ukraine’s investment opportunities and potential; 
– exchange of experience and assistance in the implementation of PR strategy.

Ari Zoldan is a business journalist and the CEO of Quantum Media Group, LLC. As an on air TV personality, Zoldan can be seen regularly on FOX News, CNN and CNBC covering business and technology. He is a frequent source for journalists and is quoted regularly in major media outlets. He holds press credentials on Capitol Hill and the United Nations and is a member of The National Press Club in Washington, DC. Ari is the host of a business talk show on iHeart Radio and contributor for

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