The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine included VinIndustri Industrial Park in the general register

VinIndustri will be the fourth industrial park in Vinnytsia and is expected to create 800 jobs.

The park will be home to processing industry enterprises. VinIndustri covers an area of 13,086 hectares and was founded in December 2022.

The main goal of this project is to 
– promoting the development of the community’s industrial potential;
– creation of production facilities with a high level of added value; 
– creation of new jobs with high wages.

Vinnytsia City Council initiated the creation of VinIndustry. The Vinnytsia Municipal Investment Fund became the management company following an open tender.

Among the industrial park’s residents are three powerful companies operating in the fields of mechanical engineering and the sale of medicines. These are Smart Line LLC, Vizardi LLC, and BaDM LLC. Firewood LLC is also planning to implement an investment project here, and one of the companies, Vizardi LLC, has already begun preparatory work on its own land plot.

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