Time Investment Group (Cherkasy region) invested over UAH 100 mln in the construction of a millet processing plant and UAH 180 mln in a corn processing plant for cereals and flour

The corn processing plant is being built on the premises of Zolotonosha Bacon LLC (Cherkasy region).

The plant’s planned capacity is 100 thousand tonnes of corn grits and flour. The plant is equipped with equipment from TANIS Milling Technologies, a Turkish company that employs leading Turkish processors.

The total investment amounted to UAH 180 mln. A grain storage facility with a capacity of about 16,000 tonnes was built to ensure its operation and storage of grain, with investments of UAH 26.88 mln. The plant will be one of the three largest in Ukraine. Its launch is scheduled for 2024.

Zolotonosha Bacon LLC also founded a new modern, environmentally friendly and the most powerful millet processing plant in Ukraine, Grunweg LLC. The total investment in its construction was UAH 100 mln. The project used 80% of the equipment manufactured by domestic producers, including Sokil LLC (Kharkiv), OLIS (Odesa), and Khorolsky Mechanical Plant LLC (Poltava). The rest was supplied by Buhler, the world’s leading manufacturer of processing equipment.

Time Investment Group was registered in 2021. Its agricultural business covers a land bank of 10,000 hectares, where Zolotonosha Bacon LLC (more than 40,000 heads of pig herd and more than 2,500 heads of dairy cows), Volia LLC (specialising in growing potatoes and vegetables in open ground), and Zolotonosha Gardens LLC (intensive gardening) operate.

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