UkraineInvest seeks a content manager

Preliminary list of tasks: 

– copywriting; 
– SMM;
– targeting; 
– SMO optimisation of the website;
– updating text and multimedia content on the website.

The position is contractual for up to six months. Funding is provided by grantors. 

More detailed information and conditions can be found in the terms of reference in Annex 1.

Please submit letters of interest with company portfolio/resume
of an expert (individual entrepreneur) indicating the experience of fulfilling similar orders for the the last three years, with a preliminary estimate and approximate timeframe of the work.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 10 November 2023.

Please send your proposals to the following email address, contact person –  Dmytro Vitiuk.

Annex 1
Terms of reference

The goal is to update the content of the UkraineInvest website on the WordPress platform and in social media to increase competitiveness.


Analysis of the target audience and similar institutions (Estonian Investment Agency, InvestGeorgia)

analyse the content of the website and social media pages of the Institution on Facebook, LinkedIn, X;
analyse and segment the target audience and make recommendations on the content’s thematic focus;
research competitors’ websites and social media to identify
strengths and weaknesses and identify possible improvements;
develop a promotion strategy based on the results of competitor analysis to increase the competitiveness of the website and social media pages and increase traffic.
Update the content
– update the text and multimedia content on the website to keep the information up-to-date and maintain user interest;
– review the structure and navigation of the website to facilitate access to the updated content.

Content creation
development of a content plan;
setting tasks for the designer, creating interactive content;
writing texts for blogs and columns.

filling the website and social media pages according to the content plan;
cross-posting to industry groups.

Interaction with the audience
communication with the target audience, handling comments and personal messages on social media;
analysing the reach, attracting new subscribers and increasing website visitors;
setting up targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn;
SMO optimisation of the website;
SEO optimisation.

The service agreement with the candidate is concluded for a period of up to six months after the terms of reference and work plan are agreed upon.

Reporting requirements
– submit weekly progress reports;
– submit a final report upon completion of the project, including all documentation, changes and recommendations.

The total budget should include the cost of the candidate’s services, including advertising services for the promotion of the Institution’s website and social media pages.

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