UkraineInvest team met with representatives of PROPARCO company

UkraineInvest team met with representatives of PROPARCO company

UkraineInvest Executive Director Sergiy Tsivkach and UkraineInvest investment advisors Oksana Tkachuk and Andriy Rizvanyuk met with representatives of PROPARCO company (a subsidiary of AFD – Agence Française de Développement) to discuss possible ways of cooperation.
📌 Proparco focuses on private sector development and provides finance to businesses to implement projects that contribute to sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. In Ukraine, the company has already taken part in financing two projects and is interested in expanding its activities, in particular in the areas of renewable energy, agribusiness, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.
📌 According to Sergiy Tsivkach, UkraineInvest supports the emergence of new funding opportunities for Ukrainian business projects. During the meeting, the parties identified potential ways of cooperation between UkraineInvest and Proparco and the possibility of participating in joint business events.

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