Textile-Contact continues to invest in production projects

The group is setting up two new garment production facilities in the Poltava and Ternopil regions, where it plans to create more than 290 jobs in total.

Textile-Contact has purchased land in the Poltava region and is setting up a sewing production facility for 150 seamstresses, and in early 2024, together with partners, will launch another sewing project in the Ternopil region, creating more than 140 jobs. 

In addition, together with the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, the company plans to open a school for seamstresses in Kyiv, where those interested can learn the basics of the profession for free in 10 days and get a job right away. 

Textile-Contact is the largest trading and production group in the Ukrainian consumer goods market, founded in 1995. Today it is a holding company that combines the full range of services for the textile industry: from raw materials and yarns to ready-made solutions for B2B, B2G and B2C customers. The group’s assets include 12 garment and textile factories, 11,000 square metres of warehouse space, seven branches and three dealerships in 10 cities across Ukraine, as well as a representative office of Textile-Contact Ukraine in Lithuania. In addition, its assets include the largest online fabric store in Eastern Europe, tk.ua, and the TK-Market chain of fabric stores in Kyiv, as well as 15 fabric, accessories and ready-to-wear stores in Kyiv. Last year, Textile-Contact bought a textile factory in Poland and is currently dismantling it and transporting it to Ukraine to expand its own fabric production.

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