It’s time for American industry to see Ukraine not as a charity project, but as a place to invest and make a profit

The CEO of UkraineInvest voiced this message in a commentary for the US publication Politico.

Sergiy Tsivkach emphasised that private capital is needed to rebuild Ukraine and explained how UkraineInvest attracts international investors.

“UkraineInvest continues to communicate to increase the interest of global investors in Ukraine by talking to them directly and through professional platforms, and holding meetings with think tanks and industry organisations in the US and Europe. Next month, at an event organised by CSIS in Washington, DC, we will discuss policies that should guide Ukraine’s economic modernisation and transformation. Many international players have come to Ukraine this year. Our country is open to cooperation with all investors,” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

The full text is available at the link.

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