This is a weekly digest of news about investment and business development in Ukraine from the UkraineInvest team

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law on investment insurance against war risks.
In particular, the law expands the capabilities of the ECA, allowing it to insure and reinsure direct investments, including insurance of investments in Ukraine, against risks that may be caused by armed aggression, hostilities and/or terrorism.  

Norway has joined a trust fund to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and economic development under the supervision of MIGA.
The country has contributed NOK 240 mln (about USD 22 mln) to the Trust Fund for Supporting Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Economic Development (SURE). This was announced by MIGA, which established the fund in February 2023 to insure investments in Ukraine.  

The President of the European Commission announces a further tranche of EUR 1.5 bln in financial assistance for Ukraine.
This brings the total assistance to Ukraine to EUR 85 bln. At the same time, the President of the European Commission announced the continuation of financial assistance to Ukraine in the future. “It will continue. We have offered Ukraine 50 bln euros until 2027,” said von der Leyen.  

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has attracted USD 400 mln under the guarantee of the UK through the World Bank’s PEACE in Ukraine Trust Fund.
The funds are part of the fifth replenishment of the project “Supporting Public Expenditures for Sustainable Public Administration in Ukraine” PEACE in Ukraine. 

Canada will allocate almost USD 1 bln to Ukraine by 2026 – government report.
It is noted that in 2023-2024 the country will allocate almost USD 595 mln. At the same time, military aid to Ukraine will be zero from 2026.  

An American infrastructure company will help restore and modernise Boryspil airport.
Boryspil International Airport has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with US infrastructure consultancy AECOM for the restoration and modernisation of the airport’s infrastructure and Ukraine’s aviation sector as a whole. 

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