In the context of future development Ukraine will become a mecca for investments of companies from all over the world

This was stated by UkraineInvest Strategic Advisor Kostiantyn Lisnychyi during the business forum “Join up! Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation for Reconstruction and Strategic Partnership” in Kielce, Poland.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland Vasyl Zvarych, more than 150 businessmen from Poland, members of the Polsko-Ukraińska Izba Gospodarcza, and supported by Polska Agencja Inwestycji I Handlu. The Ukrainian side was represented by the heads of more than 20 companies that cooperate or intend to develop business with Polish companies. 

In his speech, Kostiantyn Lisnychyi assured that UkraineInvest, as the government’s investment promotion agency, works in the interests of Ukrainian business development and promotes investment opportunities in specific projects during the war. 

“International financial institutions will be followed by private capital. And it is the investors who are already investing funds, intellectual potential and their energy in new production facilities, and who have a good understanding of the specifics of doing business in Ukraine, who will be able to make the most of the recovery opportunities. Therefore, I sincerely invite Polish businessmen not to wait, but to come to Ukraine and open new businesses together with Ukrainian partners. If you are planning a significant investment of EUR 12 mln or more, UkraineInvest will be your reliable guide and will promote your investment at all levels of government in accordance with the current legislation,” said the Strategic Advisor of UkraineInvest. 

Kostyantyn Lisnychyi also presented incentives for businessmen to invest in Ukraine.

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