Ukraine is a country of great opportunities, and the first investor to come will get the most benefits

The CEO of UkraineInvest said this in Washington, DC, during the conference Doing Business in Ukraine: The Role of the Private Sector in Ukraine’s Economic Transformation. The event, organised by CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies with the support of UkraineInvest, kicked off a two-day discussion of policies that should guide Ukraine’s economic modernisation and transformation.
Sergiy Tsivkach thanked the United States for its support of Ukraine and presented to the American investment community the projects implemented by international investors in Ukraine, available investment incentives and benefits, and explained why companies should invest in Ukraine now. Among the advantages, he mentioned, in particular
– free trade agreements (19 agreements with 46 countries);
– EU candidate status;
– significant opportunities for investors related to the needs of reconstruction; 
– rightshoring for American companies.

“Our country is open to cooperation with all investors. Private capital is needed to rebuild Ukraine. Ukraine offers numerous investment incentives, including up to 30% state support for investment capital expenditures, construction of related infrastructure, income tax benefits for up to 10 years, and income tax benefits for electric vehicle manufacturers (until 2036). There is also a special investment agreement with the Government, which will provide investors with appropriate guarantees from the state” said Sergiy Tsivkach.

The conference participants focused on 4 key economic sectors that have the potential to attract private sector investment and are critically important: 
– energy; 
– agriculture; 
– IT; 
– transport and logistics.

The event brought together representatives of international companies, the US President Joe Biden’s Administration, the US Congress, as well as Ukrainian leaders from the private sector and government to discuss business and trade opportunities with the US and G-7 allies.

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