Maxim Boroda, Project Manager of UNDP in Ukraine, was a speaker at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments

Businesses lack knowledge of the financial instruments at their disposal and how to use them. 

That is why UNDP in Ukraine has developed the SDG Investor Map for Ukraine, which identifies areas where investment opportunities for the private sector are opening up.

Among the 6 priority sectors that remain attractive for investment in social change in Ukraine are:

– technology with a focus on the IT industry and the digital economy;
– infrastructure;
– renewable energy;
– healthcare; 
– education;
– agriculture.

The total flow of blended finance has already reached over USD 160 billion. However, the share of closed blended finance deals in Europe reached only 4% in 2020, indicating untapped potential.  At the same time, only 6% of the current global assets emerging as social impact investments are targeted at the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

This was stated by Maxim Boroda, Project Manager of UNDP in Ukraine, at the FIT for Ukraine: Innovative Investments.

The fourth FIT for Ukraine event was attended by over 700 participants from more than 50 countries.

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