Ukraine is experiencing an electric car boom

Ukraine is experiencing an electric car boom, with around 80,000 electric vehicles registered in the country. The number is growing by 5,000 every month, and analysts predict it will triple by 2025.

So says Maryna Kytina in a commentary for 1+1. The Chief Advisor to the Executive Director of UkraineInvest explained why Ukrainians are gradually abandoning cars with internal combustion engines and switching to electric cars.

Zero customs clearance and no VAT are contributing to the growing demand for electric vehicles. For example, when importing an electric car, you only have to pay an excise tax of EUR 1 per kilowatt-hour of battery, which is a maximum of EUR 100 per car.  

“Ukrainians have not stopped buying electric cars even during the blackouts. In general, electric cars have virtually no impact on our energy system and consume less than 1% of the total amount of electricity,” said Maryna Kytina. 

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