Mechanisms and Sources of Funding for Ukraine’s Recovery

On 26 June, the conference “Mechanisms and Sources of Funding for Ukraine’s Recovery” will be held in Luxembourg.
Representatives of business, the European Commission, private investors, IPAs, and experts from the European legal and financial sector will discuss investment mechanisms and financing opportunities for Ukrainian projects, start-ups, and businesses. Experts from the European legal and financial sector will present the main mechanisms and instruments of financing for Ukraine’s recovery.
Yevhenii Shakotko, Deputy Executive Director of UkraineInvest will be opening the conference
The format of the event is hybrid. The organisers: UkrainePlatform ThinkTank, Fund AML with a support of Arendt and Medernach
For reference: About 50 European and Ukrainian professionals from all sectors of the economy have joined forces to challenge the existing narratives of doing business in Ukraine. They have created the UkrainePlatform think tank, which represents an initiative aimed at aligning corporate governance, the regulatory framework and the investment environment for the future reconstruction of Ukraine. Currently, 4 working groups are working on various topics, including anti-corruption, procurement, corporate governance, compliance, anti-money laundering, investment structuring, green transition and innovation.

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