Ukrainian electricity may be an alternative to russian gas

Ukrainian electricity may be an alternative to russian gas

Within the framework of Gazterm-2022, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine presented a proposal for the development of export capacities of the #Ukrainian #energy system. According to the Ministry of Energy, Ukrainian electricity can substitute consumption of about 17% of gas imported from russia.

▪ Under the new #REpowerEU strategy, the European Union plans to phase out russian fossil fuels by 2027. It should be noted that mineral fuels exports (mostly oil and gas) account for more than half of russia’s exports and are the main source of budget funding.

▪ Currently, the power capacity that Ukraine exports to Poland is about 200 MW per day, but Ukraine can increase the volume by 3-4 times. This in turn will speed up the transition to #renewable #energy sources and, most importantly, reduce dependence on unreliable and dangerous suppliers. In addition, Ukraine has large areas of underground storage facilities for gas storage, which we are ready to offer for seasonal and strategic reserves.

▪ Replacement of russian energy, and geographical diversification of energy supplies, is a matter not only of Europe’s energy security, but also the cessation of funding for the aggressor country.

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